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As a monster scout, it is your job to command your party of monsters in a series of turn-based battles. Choose the actions for each party member, then watch as the battle plays out with your enemy.

Monsters will attack or use a number of special skills and spells, plus you can use items to heal or assist needy monsters. The more you fight, the stronger your party gets as they gain experience points and level up.

Monster Scouting

The key to an unstoppable team is finding and recruiting fearsome beasts during your travels. When you cross paths with a monster, you can choose to fight or to scout it. The stronger your current team is, the more likely a powerful monster will join you when scouted. Take up to six beasts—three active, three reserve—into battle at any time (less if you are recruiting larger monsters), and keep up to 100 back in the Monster Pen on your airship.


With the help of Dr. Lump, you will be able to further enhance your monster menagerie by synthesizing them. Through the act of synthesis, two monsters can be combined to create a new, more powerful monster. You can even choose custom skills depending on the original beasts' attributes to make them unique to your play style. Experiment and find the right formula for your own personal power squad.

Skill Trees

Monsters have up to five skill trees they can follow on their path to power, depending on their size. The larger the monster, the more skill trees they can have. Skill trees feature abilities and status boosts, which increase as a level is gained. As a monster scout, you must choose the skills that your monster will focus on to mold them into formidable fiends. With 240 skill trees to choose from, the options are staggering—and give you the chance to carve out a truly unique direction for your party.

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